5 Simple Steps To Starting Your Own Website

Secure Your Domain

Domains can be purchased at countless places on the internet. I suggest saving yourself a lot of headache and hassle by purchasing your domain from the same place you choose as your host.

Find The Right Host

I have had major success using hostgator, but there are a lot of highly respected and very reputable web hosts available. The host and plan that is right for you depends largely on the traffic you expect on your site. Most web host services now offer a user interface for installing wordpress that makes the process easier.

  • Hostgator— I have personally hosted multiple sites with Hostgator. The customer support was quick to respond and effective in finding a solution to any issues I may have had. I highly recommend using the hatchling plan or above. The biggest negative to hostgator is the layout of their website, but it is definitely not a deal breaker. The quality of the service and speed of the sites more than makes up for it.
  • GoDaddy — GoDaddy is a very popular web host because of it’s marketing machine. My experience has been average. Customer service is decent, but not up to the same level as Hostgator. To be fair, I used GoDaddy with a managed wordpress installation, which I would never suggest because they are difficult to troubleshoot. The best thing about GoDaddy is that their website is user friendly.

Decide on the Right Theme

WordPress is such an amazing platform, mostly because of the insane amount of themes available. Head over to Theme Forest to start browsing the unbelievable amount of themes available.

X Theme by Themeco
Jupiter By Artbees
Divi by Elegant Themes


As wordpress continues to evolve and the community surrounding it becomes more mature, we are armed with some very powerful tools. These tools help us speed up the setup part of the process. This gives more time to focus on the things that matter most. Does the site design reflect your brand? Is everything 100% for your client? Are you happy with the placement of every character and image on the entire site.

Jupiter — Theme Options

Go Live

By now you have your domain secured, you’ve decided on a web hosting service, you’ve picked a theme and you are completely customized…now what? This takes things back to securing your domain. If you purchased your domain from the same place you are hosting the website, things become very easy depending on the web host you selected.

Thank you so much if you made it this far. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you reading my words. I’d love to connect with you and hopefully help one another reach or continue living our dreams. You can find me on just about every social media service and all the links are below. Be Kind, Be Humble and Work Your Ass Off!

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