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Keegan Lanier | 9 min read

Roberto Blake : YouTuber, Creator and All-Around Awesome Guy

In March of 2017, I was fortunate enough to attend Social Media Marketing World 2017 in San Diego, CA. Leading up to the event I wasn’t sure who I would get the chance to say hi to but the list of must meet people was a relatively short one. It included Maggie Rimnac, Meagan Williams, Krista Fabrick, Carlos GilChris Kubbernus and Roberto Blake. The person I wasn’t sure I would get the chance to talk with was the person I got incredible business advice from during Social Media Marketing World’s final day.

I sat in Roberto’s session and geeked out as he talked about tech. I was intrigued by the amount of content he produces. More so than both of those, I was impressed with the practical business advice that was woven throughout the presentation. (Watch Roberto’s SMMW17 PresentationBelow). Although Roberto is a creative person, he is an entrepreneur through and through. After the closing keynote at SMMW, I was leaving the convention hall and passed Roberto. I intended on telling him how much I enjoyed his session and the content he creates. After telling him that, we got in to a discussion on business, content creation and how to position services.

Package Everything

Roberto’s first piece of business advice was to “package everything”. In a society filled with subscription based services, people expect to know what they will pay in advance and know what that payment will give them. A light bulb went off in my head when Roberto made this point. It’s something that is so obvious, but I had overlooked the idea. I had stayed with the custom design approach for every project to give the feel that each one was 100% unique and designed to meet the specific needs of each client. While I still offer this for very niche projects, Roberto was 100% right in that many people, in my space, have the same basic needs. They want a website that they can easily manage, includes responsive design and can be launched in a relatively quick timeframe.

Keep It Simple

The second piece of business advice that followed package everything was to keep it simple. We’ve all heard this our entire lives. Keep It Simple Stupid (The KISS Principle). Unfortunately, many people, including myself, ignore this principle. I say no more! I’ve partnered with 17 Hats to help streamline the onboarding, project quoting, contract and invoicing processes. I’ve loved the platform and have found it makes life so much easier than doing things manually. If you want to check out 17 Hats, i’d love for you to use my referral link (click here). It takes you to the same information, but it will help fund a month of 17 Hats for me if you sign up. That would be greatly appreciated!

Affiliate Programs

That leads me into another great piece of business advice Roberto gave me which was to utilize affiliate programs to their fullest potential. Many platforms offer incentives to promote their products. This can have a slimy reputation because some people push products they don’t actually use or even like so they can make money. I can tell you 100%, I will not and do not promote anything I don’t use or love. When I find a platform I love, I want to be an advocate for the brand because the platform improves my quality of life in some way. If you want to see a few of the platforms I love and support, you can find them here.

Do What You Love

I think of all the wisdom Roberto gave me in our conversation, the absolute most important piece of business advice was to do what you love. I’ve always loved building websites. In junior high I was building websites around topics I loved like wrestling, rollercoasters and even south park. Times have changed and so have I, but I’m still building websites for brands I love. Seeing the designs take shape is an incredible feeling. In today’s world, technology has made it so that you can create a business doing just about anything you love. Take advantage of the opportunity and start shaping the life you want. It’s out there, you just have to take it.

Watch Roberto’s Keynote from Social Media Marketing World 2017

“Create something  AWESOME today!”

- Roberto Blake



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