How To Pick A Website Host

Keegan Lanier | 4 min read

Choosing the right web host is something that can be quickly decided on and suddenly you have a website…well kinda. You have the space and you probably picked that host because either your web developer talked you into it or you saw they offered a very low price. I hope you haven’t fallen into either of those traps. Today we are helping you figure out how to pick a website host.

Where To Start 

It’s 2018 and the entire internet has changed dramatically. Robots have taken over the internet and constantly bombard you with look at me now marketing. Okay, so it isn’t quite that serious, but that isn’t as far from the truth as it was a few years ago. The reason I bring that up is first to say thank you.  Thank you for your attention. Secondly, it to show how quickly things are escalating in the digital marketing space. We have bots on every platform, we have drip campaigns and so many more. Each of these avenues are used to fight for your attention and every one of us, especially me, has a very short attention span because of these practices.

All web hosts are not created equal

Choosing the perfect web host was a try it and see for the first few years I hosted my own blog. This was an intentional move because it allowed me to test a few different hosts with my own money before I used them for any client projects. If you read you you’ll see that all web hosts are not created equal. It’s been critical for me to learn the pros and cons of the hosting options available so I can create a foundation that will serve each website well for the long term.

The first web host I really loved was HostGator. The main reason is that HostGator has incredible customer support. Price means little to me when it comes to hosting mainly because of reputation. If I build a site and decided to use the cheapest godaddy hosting plan for a site that will get a few thousand visitors a week, the experience will suffer. I am more concerned with stability, customer support and flexibility. HostGator checks each of those boxes. It is also considered the best host to grow with by

Your criteria for the perfect host may vary depending on your price range and the specifics of your project, but two things can never be overlooked. The first is customer service and the second is reliability. Here is the best of 2017 web hosting options as determined by


1 HostGator Cloud $2.99/mo 10/10 99.99% 504ms ★★★★★
2 SiteGround $3.95/mo 10/10 99.98% 483ms ★★★★★
3 A2 Hosting $3.92/mo 10/10 99.94% 392ms ★★★★
4 InMotion Hosting $2.95/mo 10/10 99.97% 644ms ★★★★
5 BlueHost $2.95/mo 10/10 99.98% 510ms ★★★★
6 Hostinger $2.15/mo 9/10 99.98% 540ms ★★★★
7 ASmallOrange $5.92/mo 9/10 99.94% 679ms ★★★★
8 Site5 Hosting $6.95/mo 9/10 99.95% 730ms ★★★
9 GreenGeeks $3.95/mo 8/10 99.95% 1032ms ★★★
10 HostPapa $3.95/mo 9/10 99.97% 1047ms ★★★
11 DreamHost $4.95/mo 8/10 99.76% 870ms ★★★
12 MDD Hosting $3.00/mo 8/10 99.95% 635ms ★★★
13 LunarPages $3.95/mo 7/10 99.99% 721ms ★★★
14 WebHostingHub $2.99/mo 7/10 99.90% 773ms ★★★
15 iPage $1.99/mo 8/10 99.94% 881ms ★★★
16 HostGator shared $3.95/mo 7/10 99.99% 846ms ★★★
17 MidPhase $4.17/mo 8/10 99.99% 1214ms ★★
18 WestHost $4.80/mo 7/10 99.90% 902ms ★★
19 HostMonster $4.95/mo 8/10 99.91% 1095ms ★★
20 HostNine $6.99/mo 8/10 99.68% 705ms ★★
21 HostRocket $5.99/mo 8/10 99.62% 922ms ★★
22 JustHost $3.95/mo 7/10 99.82% 1384ms ★★
23 IX Web Hosting $3.95/mo 7/10 99.70% 938ms
24 Hosting24 $3.99/mo 7/10 99.94% 1557ms
25 TsoHost $2.99/mo 7/10 99.90% 1688ms
26 FatCow $4.01/mo 9/10 99.75% 1441ms
27 Arvixe $7.00/mo 6/10 99.89% 3312ms
28 WebHostingBuzz $4.95/mo 10/10 98.74% 1971ms
29 WebHostingPad $1.99/mo 9/10 95.99% 1907ms
30 HostMetro $2.95/mo 8/10 99.30% 2199ms