Mastering The Divi Import / Export Feature

Keegan Lanier | 7 min read

Divi Import / Export Feature

Divi is an incredibly versatile theme platform to use when developing a wordpress website. Today we are going to cover how to use the Divi import / export features Elegant Themes has built into nearly every section of the Divi theme.

Theme Portability is Everything

Portability and ease of transfer are one of the most important things I look for in a wordpress theme. This is mainly because I do a lot of conceptual design in subdomains of my main website. I like to take pieces of those concepts and implement them into final designs I do for clients.

Divi Functionality is EPIC

Today we are going to cover a feature of one of my favorite themes, Divi. Specifically, we are going to talk about the import/export feature build in to Divi. Elegant Themes has done a really nice job with this theme and the support community is very active. The steps below are a reference point and the video will walk you through the process.

  • Go into the theme customizer of the wordpress installation of which you want to copy theme settings.
  • Select the up and down arrow icon.
  • Click on the export tab and save the .json file.
  • Name your file and select the blue export button.
  • Go into the new wordpress installation and return to the customizer.
  • Click the up and down arrow icon and this time select the import tab.
  • Go to browse and then select the file you exported from the original wordpress installation.
  • Select import divi customizer settings and everything from the original wordpress installation will be copied into the new wordpress installation.

This is a very simple, but powerful process. I hope you enjoyed this tip. I’d love your feedback, requests or suggestions.

Portability and ease of transfer are one of the most important things I look for in a WordPress theme



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