Social Media Marketing World, Is It For You In 2018?

Keegan Lanier | 7 min read

Social Media Marketing World, IS IT FOR “YOU” IN 2018?

The answer isn’t quite as easy as a simple yes or no. Today we’re going to talk about who should attend social media marketing world and most importantly, why. Here is a hint, just because you don’t work in social media, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend. I was so excited to attend Social Media Marketing World 2017! It didn’t disappoint.

Who Should Attend Social Media Marketing World?

I like lists, so we’ll keep this section simple:

  • Marketing Managers
  • Directors of Marketing
  • Community Managers
  • Small Business Owners (Across ALL types of business)
  • Digital Creatives
  • Vloggers
  • Bloggers
  • Writers

Reasons For Attending Social Media Marketing World


Social Media Marketing World is an event loaded with amazing content, but the entire event is setup for networking. You will get the chance to hang out and network with people like Michael Stelzner, Joel Comm, Roberto Blake, Amy Schmittaur, Carlos Gil, Shauna Ayala and so many more. It starts with an AMAZING opening night on the USS Midway and carries on to networking lunches every day. Social Media Marketing World is built for you to meet new people!


The content was absolutely incredible. The speakers delivered well put together content and actionable takeaways. You can view the entire session schedule here. Social Media Examiner knows how to choose experts on the hot topics and bring them together for an action packed three day event. I focused on learning about how to write great copy, how to repurpose blog content, setting up google analytics, using snapchat for business, how to create high quality video on your smartphone only, the future of live video and so much more.

And if there were need for more reasons, don’t forget that it’s in SAN DIEGO!!!!! If you need suggestions for places to eat/drink let’s connect on IGand I’ll share all the places I found during Social Media Marketing World 2017.

Are You A Small Business Owner (not in marketing or social selling?)

One point I wanted to get across is that Social Media Marketing World is not just for the social savy, digital creatives or people who run social communities. If you are a small business owner in Arkansas and your business is lawn care, you should attend Social Media Marketing World. There are advanced sessions to take your social skills to the next level, but there are also beginner sessions that cover social media basics. You could also meet a business partner or your next digital overlord 🙂 aka your social media/website designer.

Social Media Marketing World is an investment in your business and in yourself. If you sign up early, you will save a lot on the price of admission. Even at full price, Social Media Marketing World is an incredible value because of the potential impact the connections and the knowledge learned will have on your business and your life.

So, Should You Attend Social Media Marketing World in 2018?

Shout Outs To A Few People

I can’t complete this without saying a MASSIVE thank you to Carlos Gil. Carlos chose me, out of his entire community, to attend Social Media Marketing World with him. It was an epic week. I was able to meet so many “online friends” for the very first time in real life. If you aren’t familiar with Carlos’s work, you should connect with him on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat and check out his youtube channel. His hustle never stops.

During the trip I got to meet Maggie Rimnac (chitownmags), Dani Hubner (iamdanihubner), Meagan Williams (megslv), Anthony Loyola (loyolabiz), Chris Kubbernus (chriskubby), Azriel Ratz (ratzpackmedia), Roberto Blake (robertoblake), Krista Fabrick (kristafabrick) and so many other amazing people!



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