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E011 – New Color Picker!!!

In this weeks episode we discuss a brand new color picker that will live inside of the visual builder. We discussed how this will reduce development time as well as help craft a stronger color palette.

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E010 – Find & Replace

In this week’s episode we discuss a brand new feature coming to Divi called “Find & Replace”. Imagine Microsoft Word Replace inside of a website visual builder!!! It’s a reality we will soon know!!

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E009 – Divi Quick Access

In today’s episode we discuss the latest feature release for Divi! Quick Access is positioned to speed up design time and reduce the overall project time to get a website from start to finish!

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E007 – Divi Library

In this episode of the Divi Addicts Podcast, we discuss the game changing Divi Library feature. From savings global modules to entire layouts

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E004 – Divi Tutorial Sites

In E004, we discuss Divi tutorial sites. The community surrounding Divi is incredible and loaded with value! We call out three tutorial sites that have helped shaped the divi community.

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E003 – Why Divi?

In E003, we simply explain “Why Divi”? Consistency, Development and Value are among the key reasons. Listen to learn more about why we continue choosing Divi for each new project.

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E002 – Divi Design Initiative 2.0

In E002, we talk about the latest and greatest addition to the Elegant Themes commitment to the community. The Divi Design Initiative 2.0 takes everything the Divi Design team was already doing and doubles it.

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Latest Podcasts

E026 – Hover

In this episode we dive into the hover options released this week. let’s discuss how we will use the newest edition to the Divi feature set.

E025 – 1-1 Engagement & YouTube Resources

In today’s episode we discuss one-to-one engagement and the amazing resources elegant themes has on their YouTube channel. We also ask for your feedback on how we can directly impact the success of your business

E024 – Quick Actions

In this episode we discuss the Quick Actions “coming soon” feature from Elegant Themes. Most have been a slam dunk for success, but this one could be different. Let’s discuss…

E023 – Woooooo

In today’s episode, we are talking about the sneak peak of Divi’s Woocommerce modules. We are amped to start creating custom, creative shop pages when this new feature officially comes out!

E022 – All The New Things

In today’s episode we discuss extended styles and the brand new transform features coming to the visual builder.

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Latest Tutorial

How To Build A Clean Blog Grid Using Divi

How To Build A Clean Blog Grid Using Divi

Sharp blog post layouts help your content standout.  It starts with a beautiful featured image to grab a user's attention. A clean blog grid allows you to maximize the onscreen content in view.  In this tutorial, we show you how to build a clean blog grid using Divi....

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