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Who is this membership for?

Side Hustlers

Supercharge your new business website with layouts designed by our team. 

Design Agencies

Our layouts can be used on unlimited client sites. Why build from scratch when it’s not necessary.

Divi Users

If you use the Divi theme, our layouts are made for you.  They import easily to get your site done fast.

Why join this Membership ?

#1 Efficiency

We’ve done the work to save you time

#2 Value

The library of layouts will continue growing

#3 Native Design

We use built in built-in Divi options and simple code 

#4 Simplicity

One click imports into the Divi Library

Simple & Organized Layouts

Divi Layout Membership

Each of our layout packs are organized into groups by module type. As we continue to grow and develop sections, they will be grouped by design type to keep things simple and efficient.

“KLM went above and beyond to design the ultimate website for me. They are incredibly easy to work with, creative with new ideas, and awesomely skilled in the tools of the trade.”

— Corky Gainsford | Pro drummer, producer, singer

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Access An Expanding Library Of Layouts

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We are excited to launch our Divi Layouts Membership for you. If you’ve ever built a site from scratch, you know having an idea or a starting point helps speed up the process.  Our growing library of layouts will help bring your website or your client’s website to life much quicker!


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