How To Choose The Right Website Host

May 9, 2018

How To Choose The Right Website Host

May 9, 2018

Choosing the right web host intimidated the crap out of me when I first started building websites in the late 90’s. I used services like geocities, angelfire and any other platform that offered free (hopefully ad-free) hosting, but that was really hard to find.

Choosing the right web host intimidated the crap out of me

Fast forward to today and the entire internet has changed dramatically and so have my needs. I used to design websites for fun, but today I am lucky enough to work with amazing clients. I get to help shape their digital presence and create an experience that showcases their brand in a unique way.

Choosing the perfect web host was a try it and see for the first few years I hosted my own blog. This was an intentional move because it allowed me to test a few different hosts with my own money before I used them for any client projects. If you read you you’ll see that all web hosts are not created equal. Some clients have their own hosting plan and some don’t even have a live website. It’s been critical for me to learn the pros and cons of the hosting options available so I can create a foundation that will serve each website well for the long term.

All web hosts are not created equal

When looking for a host I could grow with, I decided on HostGator. The main reason is that HostGator has incredible customer support. Price means little to me when it comes to hosting mainly because of reputation. If I build a site and decided to use the cheapest godaddy hosting plan for a site that will get a few thousand visitors a week, the experience will suffer. I am more concerned with stability, customer support and flexibility. HostGator checks each of those boxes. It is also considered the best host to grow with by

Your criteria for the perfect host may vary depending on your price range and the specifics of your project, but two things can never be overlooked. The first is customer service and the second is reliability. The list below will give you a starting point and a reference for hosting services and their strong points.

Best Value —

Best Host To Grow With —

Best 24/7 Support —

Best Usability —

Best for WordPress —

Best For Microsites —

Best VPS —

Best Premium Host —

Best Of The Rest –

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