How To Install The Divi Theme For WordPress


Step 1 – Get Divi

Divi is an incredibly popular theme for WordPress. In fact, the makers of Divi, Elegant Themes, are approaching 1M installs of Divi! There’s a reason it’s so popular. Most of that is due to it’s the incredible visual builder.

Signing up for Divi is a no-brainer if you are building websites for friends or clients. Click the button below to see the current price for an Elegant Themes membership which includes the Divi Theme and a suite of awesome plugins. 

Step 2 – Install Divi

I love showcasing the work of other creators. So rather than putting one of my videos here, I thought it would be cool to showoff WP with Tom’s video on how to install the Divi theme

Step 3 – Setup Credentials For Updates

To use Divi, you need an Elegant Themes membership which we covered in step 1. In the installation video from WP with Tom, he also covers setting up API credentials to receive future updates. Skip to 2:00 to see where you will input the API key and your Elegant Themes username.

Step 4 – Build Your Website

The Divi Theme is really next level. This site is built using Divi, but it definitely doesn’t look like a standard Divi website.

In the video below, I start from scratch and end up with a fully functioning website. Although much more could be done to make the site complete with content and images, the framework is there.

What’s Next?

The most incredible part of being an Elegant Themes member is the Divi community. There are some truly incredible people who are willing to help you and have provided tons of valuable free content. Here are a few:

Josh Hall | josh hall youtube

Aspen Grove Studios |

Keegan Lanier Media Divi Addicts Podcast | Youtube Channel

If you decide to focus on other parts of your business, we are happy to take over your website project. If you need someone to help guide you in the right direction, check out our Academy for Divi Layouts and courses to help you along the way. 

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