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Build A Custom Divi Menu

We discuss how to custom code a unique menu using the Divi WordPress Theme. Follow along and you will have a unique menu in minutes.

E021 – New Column Options

In today’s episode, we discuss the latest update to Divi. This update brings more column structure options. We can’t wait to see the designs that take shape from this update.

E020 – WordPress Basics

In today's episode of Divi Addicts, we discuss our upcoming FREE wordpress basics course. We are excited to give back to the community and provide huge value for anyone interested in getting started with wordpress. SUBSCRIBE TO DIVI ADDICTS...

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assured solutions.

Real-Time Data Collection

Assured Solutions

Assured Solutions was another brand brought to us by Billy Hobbs and the BWPR team. We enjoy working with their team so much for the ease and transparency.

Assured Solutions landing page requirements were simple. They needed a place to drive traffic that fit the brand BWPR was expanding upon. We jumped at the opportunity and the Assured Solutions landing page was launched within two weeks!

Site Preview