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Build A Custom Divi Menu

We discuss how to custom code a unique menu using the Divi WordPress Theme. Follow along and you will have a unique menu in minutes.

E020 – WordPress Basics

In today's episode of Divi Addicts, we discuss our upcoming FREE wordpress basics course. We are excited to give back to the community and provide huge value for anyone interested in getting started with wordpress. SUBSCRIBE TO DIVI ADDICTS...

How To Use Divi Layout Packs

So you’ve downloaded a shiny new layout pack… now what? Today we will take you through the process of settings up a Divi Layout Pack

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code red riot.

Hard Rock Band

Code Red Riot

We’ve known Corky Gainsford for roughly five years. Corky was previously the drummer for the band Otherwise.  When Corky made the decision to step away from the drums, record his own album and take center stage behind the mic, we jumped at the opportunity to create a space for this project!

Corky officially launched Code Red Riot will release their debut LP “Mask” in June of 2018! We’ve done a few projects with Corky over the years and it’s always great working with another creative. Corky has a vision for what the band will sound like, but also what it will look and feel like.

Site Preview