Project Description

I had the pleasure of working with Corky on launching his very first website.  As a lover of music, casual drummer and a fan of Corky’s former band Otherwise, I was pumped up and extremely excited to help  bring Corky’s vision to life.

As Corky was exiting as the drummer for Otherwise, I reached out to find out what Corky’s plans were for post Otherwise life.  We began looking at ideas for the website.  We needed a vision and decided this place would showcase corky’s history and be a place that was a hub for his social activity.  The website also needed to double as a web store for his artwork (which is amazing by the way).

Fast forward roughly six weeks and we were launching  It was an extreme pleasure working with Corky and I am proud to say I helped jump start his digital presence.  Check out his page and let us know what you think below.

Project Details

Corky Gainsford
Professional Drummer
Date of Completion: 7/15/16

Project Feature

See this project live.  Connect with me on any social network and let’s chat about your thoughts.

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