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The Life By Music project has been a special one for me.  A few of the things I love in life came together in a very random way.  As a kid, I was in band where I played saxophone and drums.  I had some of the best times of my childhood traveling throughout Louisiana and Florida in marching, concert and jazz band.

Ryan Patrick is a vegas boy who plays guitar for the band Otherwise.  One random day I reached out to Ryan and asked him who was building the website for Otherwise.  Almost immediately Ryan said, “Dude!!! Why don’t you do my site for Life By Music!!” Of course I would jump at the opportunity to design and create a website that support childhood music programs around the nation.  Music will always be my first love.  I have to send a major thank you to Ryan for allowing me the priviledge of bringing to life and playing a small role in helping keep music education alive.


April, 2017


Web Design

Life By Music brings music education through instrument donation and education.

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