Website Safety Plan

Modern websites need to be maintained or they slow down which impacts your SEO ranking. We help you keep your site performing at it’s peak.

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Step 1


Website’s are investments. Protect your investment with a thoughtful strategy to ensure your site is safe and recoverable.

Step 2


It’s important to run the latest version of any software to protect from bugs and security issues. We can handle this for you.

Step 3


We handle site optimization and cleanup, uptime monitoring and even send you monthly reports on what we’re doing.

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550 USD/YR


Safety Plan


880 USD/YR


Safety Plan Pro

150 USD/MO

1650 USD/YR

Frequently ASked Questions

We’re here to be your guide

What if I pass on the maintenance plan and my site gets hacked?

We hope you’ll strongly consider any safety plan (it doesn’t have to be with us). We can help you recover your site if it goes down. We charge a $250 recovery fee. Once your site is back online, we can are happy to get you setup on our safety plan moving forward.

Do you charge a setup or cancellation fee?

Nope… you are free to leave any time you want. If you decide to come back, we’ll get you set up again and continue working to keep your site safe.

How quickly can you restore a backup?

General restore requests can be handled within 24 hours. Emergencies reported from site monitoring are handled ASAP

Is my site really in danger if I pass on the safety plan?

Websites are complicated. Your site could be fine for years and one day get hacked. If you don’t have proper steps in place, your site could be gone forever. This safety plan is website insurance. 

Do you offer website development and content updates?

Yep! You can check out our website build options. We have monthly content update retainer options as well. Contact us today for details.

Do you offer web hosting?

Absolutely! We prefer being a one stop shop for our clients. It makes support much more streamlined. You can learn more here