Season 3 Trailer – How To Build A Website

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In season 3 we are taking you on a journey. We will show you how to build a website. 

In episode 1 we walk you through how to purchase your domain and a few key tips to keep in mind when purchasing domains.

In episode 2 we talk about which CMS we use and why we know it will work for you too.

In episode 3 we help you pick a web host and explain why this is THE most crucial step in the journey.

In episode 4 we guide you to a website framework that has served us well over the past three years and will continue well into the future.

In episode 5 we talk you through a few simple steps to secure your website from people who want to bring it down or use it to do bad things.

Finally, in episode 6 we show you a couple ways to share your content with the world. 

Building a website isn’t hard, but it isn’t easy either. It takes planning and a singular goal to make sure the site is successful.

Make sure to share these episodes with a small business owner who can use the information. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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